Welcome to Relearn To See: Natural Vision Coaching!

Is your eyesight less than clear?

Did you know it is possible to improve your eyesight naturally without glasses, contacts or surgery?

Relaxation is the key…


Like hearing, touch, taste and smell, perfect sight requires no effort. Seeing clearly with comfort and ease happens naturally, unless we interfere. When we unconsciously and habitually hold tension in the muscles of our eyes, we interfere with our naturally clear and relaxed way of seeing. When we strain, our vision becomes blurry.

Prescription lenses or surgery may correct the symptom of blur, but do not address the cause of the blur, which is strain. Our eye strain remains and may become worse, requiring a stronger prescription or another surgery.

A natural alternative to glasses, contacts or surgery that addresses the cause of imperfect eyesight, our strain, is Natural Vision Improvement. This educational approach helps us learn to let go of our eyestrain and to incorporate natural and relaxed vision habits into our daily lives. Natural Vision Improvement can allow our clear vision to return.


Natural Vision Improvement can empower you to improve your eyesight naturally!