Is your eyesight less than clear?

Did you know it is possible to improve your eyesight naturally without glasses, contacts or surgery?


Most of us are born with perfect eyesight. It is one of our five senses. Like hearing, touch, taste and smell, sight is natural and requires no effort. Relaxation is the key to seeing clearly, comfortably and easily.

Imperfect eyesight is acquired and the result of eye strain. Blurry or distorted vision is a symptom of unconsciously holding tension in the muscles of the eyes.

This may be corrected with prescription lenses or surgery, but these artificial solutions only address the symptom, not the cause,. The eye strain remains and often worsens, requiring a stronger prescription or another surgery.


An alternative to lenses or surgery is Natural Vision Improvement. You can relearn to see clearly by becoming aware of your eye strain and learning ways of letting it go.