My reading vision was clear in 1994 when I started school and blurry by the time I finished two years later at age 37.


Presbyopia, or so-called age-related farsightedness came on during nursing school, a stressful time in my life. Print became blurry and reading a strain, inducing eye fatigue, pain and headaches. I made an attempt at wearing reading glasses, but my eyes found them unbearably uncomfortable.

I struggled with reading until 2004 when I discovered the book Relearning To See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally! by Thomas R. Quackenbush. I first opened the pages while on a vacation and was introduced to the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement and the principles and habits of natural vision. What I learned and practiced during that vacation felt new, yet strangely familiar. Although I didn’t fully understand it at the time, I was relearning to see!

Three weeks later, I had an eye opening experience. While taking a walk on a sunny Spring morning, I noticed everything looked exceptionally vibrant and three dimensional.

The sky appeared bluer, the grass greener and the many colored flowers brighter and more distinct. And everything looked perfectly clear!


I hadn’t realized that even my distance vision had become blurry. At that moment I was seeing better than I could remember!

When I returned from my walk, I immediately opened Relearning To See to page 371 and effortlessly read three paragraphs of 1.5 point type entitled “The Menace of Large Print”. The micro-print was clear and sharp, the ink jet-black, the paper around each letter glowed white as if illuminated. It took no effort. My mind was at ease. My eyes were completely relaxed. I could see perfectly fine!

Exceptional visual clarity lasted three days, after which blurriness returned as I fell back into old familiar patterns of strain. Although disappointed at the time, I was also excited to know that improving eyesight naturally was actually possible! I had experienced it!

Since that day I have taken responsibility for how clearly I see. I have improved my eyesight and continue to maintain it naturally. I am an avid reader, do not suffer the eye fatigue, pain and headaches of the past and do not wear glasses.

I have learned that how clearly I see fluctuates day to day, moment to moment, and is greatly improved by my ability to relax. As I let go of trying to see and  just allow it to happen, I see more clearly.


According to Dr. Bates, mental and physical tension is literally reflected in the eyes as blurriness; mental and physical ease as clarity. This I now know and experience daily. To manage stress and let go of tension in my mind, body and eyes, along with the Bates Method, I regularly practice yoga, meditation, autogenics, EFT and receive massage and bodywork.