Natural Vision Improvement is an educational approach to improving eyesight that gives you the ability to address the cause of imperfect eyesight.


Also called the Bates Method, Natural Vision Improvement was pioneered and developed by William H. Bates, M.D., a prominent New York ophthalmologist in the early 1990’s.

In his practice and research, Dr. Bates discovered that unless we interfere by straining, clear and perfect vision is natural. He found that tension in the muscles of the eyes resulting from mental and physical strain is the cause of lowered vision.

Natural Vision Improvement is about relaxation. It involves developing a subtle awareness of our eye strain, learning to notice when we are holding tension in the muscles of the eyes and practicing letting it go. By reestablishing this natural and relaxed way of using our eyes, and making this relaxed way of seeing a habit all day long, our vision can improve.

Natural Vision Improvement is about rediscovering your relaxed and natural way of seeing clearly.