What If Eyesight Got Better Instead Of Worse?

What If Eyesight Got Better Instead Of Worse?

What if the commonly held belief that eyesight cannot improve is wrong? What if the widely accepted assumption that eyesight can only get worse is wrong? What if eyesight didn’t have to decline and worsening eyesight wasn’t inevitable? What if eyesight could get better? What if the eyes could improve their ability to see, and even return to 20/20 or better? What if eyesight correction with artificial lenses wasn’t the only way to see better? What if wearing glasses wasn’t necessary? What if Lasik surgery wasn’t needed?

What if there is no pandemic of poor eyesight… only a shared and socially reinforced experience of visual amnesia? What if there is nothing organically wrong with our eyes, we just don’t remember how to use them? What if we forgot how to see clearly and just need a gentle and simple reminder? What if we could relearn to use our eyes correctly? What if we could see clearly… again?

Yeah, that’s a lot of “what if’s.”

Hello! My name is Carl Vigilante. I’m a Natural Vision Coach. Welcome to my blog! I’m here to talk about the “what if’s.”

Playful. Child-like. Seeing like a child again. Fun. Goofy. My place to let go and have a good time…. and see better.

Yes, vision can be a serious subject. It may be our most important sense, the sense we are most dependent on and most do not want to loose.

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