About Me

About Me

Hello. My name is Carl Vigilante. I am a Certified Natural Vision Coach.

I am passionate about supporting others who want to improve their eyesight.

Is your vision less than clear? Do you want to improve it? I assist people just like you, in learning to do just that – naturally.

I’ve had my own vision challenges. During nursing school in 1994, I developed presbyopia, or blurry reading vision. I also experienced eye discomfort and pain, headaches, fatigue and sunlight sensitivity. Glasses didn’t work for me. They increased my eye discomfort and pain, worsened my headaches and caused dizziness and nausea.

For the next 10 years I continued to struggle with difficulty reading, blurry near vision, eye fatigue and pain, headaches and sunlight sensitivity.

Just as I once believed I couldn’t balance on one wheel, I did not believe my vision could get better.

I didn’t even know it was a possibility.

Then in 2004, I was introduced to the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement through the book Relearning To See: Improve Your Eyesight – Naturally! by Natural Vision Teacher Thomas R. Quackenbush.

What I learned contradicted the common assumption that eyesight cannot improve naturally, but can only be corrected artificially with glasses, contacts or surgery.

I discovered that eyesight can improve. Mine did. Within a few weeks my visual clarity returned as I let go of the strain that was causing my blur and started to use my eyes in a naturally relaxed way.

Although I had immediate success – crystal clear vision, I also had set-backs – it wasn’t easy to maintain. I soon realized Natural Vision Improvement was not about simply performing eye exercises. There was something deeper. My eye strain was well ingrained and connected to the chronic mental, emotional and physical strain I had not addressed. My visual clarity fluctuated in relation to my habits of mental, emotional and physical strain. These habits of strain would take time to become aware of and to learn to let go of.

Do you wonder if it’s possible to improve your eyesight naturally?

I wondered the same thing for 10 years. Now, I know it is.

The Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement helped me to improve my eyesight and address the adverse side effects of strain on my eyes. It also made me aware that my inability to handle stress adversely affected not only my eyes, but also my mental, emotional and physical health. This realization motivated me to take charge of and make changes in my life. I began making healthier lifestyle choices, learning strategies for relaxing and handling stress better. I realized a simple truth – relaxation is the key to not only clearer vision and healthier eyes, but to overall health and well-being as well.

My Story

My vision declined noticeably over the three years I was in nursing school. I improved my vision naturally through the Bates Method and supportive holistic practices…

  • I am a Certified Natural Vision Teacher and Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor and former Registered Nurse.

  • I have been in the health and wellness field most of my life, beginning as a teenager, caring for family members with health challenges.

  • I have worked as a personal care provider and nursing assistant for individuals with physical and mental disabilities in residential group homes, nursing and rehabilitation facilities and privately.

  • I received my Associates Degree in Nursing from Rogue Community College in Grants Pass, Oregon in 1996 and worked as a Registered Nurse in hospital, long term care and home care settings.

  • In 1999, while working as a nurse, I got my Oregon Massage Therapy license, and brought the caring touch of therapeutic massage into the nursing and rehabilitation setting.

  • In 2009 I completed the massage therapy program at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois and received my Illinois Massage Therapy license. Along with practicing therapeutic massage, I also taught traditional Thai massage and Reiki continuing education classes with my wife and mentor Patricia Starzynski.

  • In 2014 I became a Certified Yoga Teacher through the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center in Palatine, Illinois.

  • I received my Natural Vision Teacher and Coach training and certification from Greg Marsh, Certified Natural Vision Teacher and Wellness Coach at Better Eyesight Now, in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2016.

  • I received my Florida Massage Therapy license in 2016.

  • I currently live in Jupiter, Florida with my wife and family.

Do you want to learn how to improve your eyesight naturally?

I’m here to assist you in doing just that.

As a Certified Natural Vision Coach, I’m here to support you in experiencing improved eyesight for yourself.

Natural Vision Improvement

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Natural Vision Coaching

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