Natural Vision

Natural Vision

Natural Vision is clear. Clear vision is natural. Seeing clearly happens naturally and effortlessly.

When we are seeing clearly, we are not trying to see. We are relaxed and allowing seeing to happen naturally. Our body, our mind and our eyes are at ease. Yet in our relaxation there is movement. We are in a state of dynamic ease. As we look around, not only do our eyes move, but so does our entire body. We are not rigid. Our muscles are soft and flexible. Our breathing and heartbeat calm and steady.When we are using our Natural Vision, our mind is relaxed and flexible as well. Our thoughts are positive, our attitude accepting. We are interested in and curious about what we are looking at. Our emotions are uplifted. We feel playful and excited about everything we see and desire to see more – more information, more detail, more colors, more textures, more contrast, more light.

As we use our Natural Vision, we face what we are looking at with great interest and enthusiasm. But, we don’t look too long or too hard at any one thing. We don’t stare, attempt to freeze it or even try to see it. We effortlessly allow it to be seen, momentarily, then let it go and shift our gaze to another part of it or to something else of interest. Again, only for a moment, then we move on to something else of interest.

We don’t attempt to see everything at once, but instead move point to point to point, with most of our attention on each momentary point, at the center of our visual field, all the while maintaining an automatic awareness of everything in our total field of vision.

Our eyes and our attention are always moving, shifting from point to point, searching, for the next thing of interest, as our brain miraculously makes complete and wonderful sense of it all – without any effort whatsoever on our part. Just as with our other senses, hearing, touch, taste and smell, seeing clearly just happens – naturally.

We are seeing most clearly when we are using our Natural Vision. When we are using our Natural Vision we are seeing effortlessly.

Relaxed and clear Natural Vision can be forgotten when neglected and replaced with habits of tension. The relaxing habits of Natural Vision such as normal breathing, gentle frequent blinking, shifting of the gaze, looking with mental interest on the point regarded and allowing seeing to happen can be replaced with habits of strain such as staring, squinting, less frequent blinking, shallow breathing or mental/emotional tension such as fear, anger, anxiety or boredom

Natural Vision can be hijacked when we make an effort to see, Tension or inflexibility whether physical, mental or emotional lowers our vision. This tension may be momentary and temporary, but can become chronic, lowering our vision and leading us to seek the only solution we believe is available – artificial correction with lenses or surgeries.

Habits of Natural Vision
  • Focused attention on the point regarded
  • Interest in in the point regarded
  • Natural relaxed breathing
  • Gentle frequent blinking
  • Easy shifting of the gaze
  • Allowing seeing to happen
  • Mental, emotional and physical ease
  • Feeling relaxed, a sense of ease

“The eye with normal sight never tries to see. If for any reason – the dimness of light, for instance, or the distance of the object – it cannot see a particular point, it shifts to another. It never tries to bring out the point by staring at it, as the eye with imperfect sight is constantly doing.”

– William H. Bates, MD

Habits of Strain that interfere with Natural Vision
  • Staring
  • Diffused attention
  • Disinterest in what is seen
  • Infrequent blinking
  • Squinting
  • Shallow breathing
  • Holding the breath
  • Making an effort to see
  • Mental, emotional and physical tension
  • Feeling distressed, a sense of unease

Although Natural Vision may be neglected and forgotten, it can be relearned. This is what Natural Vision Improvement is about, regaining your Natural Vision. Natural Vision Improvement is the conscious improvement of our ability to use our eyes naturally. By recognizing our habits of strain, learning to relax and let them go, replacing them with relearned habits of Natural Vision, our Natural Vision can return.

Natural Vision Improvement was pioneered and developed by William H. Bates, MD, a prominent New York ophthalmologist in the early 1900’s. In his practice and research, Dr. Bates discovered that unless we interfere by straining, clear and perfect vision is natural. He found that tension in the muscles of the eyes resulting from mental and physical strain is the cause of lowered vision. Dr. Bates came to understand and teach the principles (relaxation, movement and centralization) and habits (breathing, blinking and shifting) of Natural Vision.

Natural Vision Improvement

Natural Vision Improvement is an educational approach to improving your eyesight…

The Bates Method

The Bates Method was pioneered and developed by ophthalmologist William H. Bates, MD…

Natural Vision Coaching

As a Natural Vision Coach, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, I take an integrative approach...

Trying to explain Natural Vision is like trying to explain hearing, touch, taste and smell. Like the other four senses, Natural Vision is more easily experienced.

This is what Natural Vision Coaching is about, helping you to experience Natural Vision Improvement and regain your Natural Vision.

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Just about everyone can find benefit from Natural Vision Improvement…

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Natural Vision Improvement offers the possibility of better eyesight…

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I am available for 1 hour individual Natural Vision Coaching sessions…

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