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Do you know it is possible to improve your eyesight naturally, without glasses, contacts or surgery.

Relaxation is the key.

My Story

Before nursing school my vision was clear. During nursing school it became blurry….

Relearn to let go of the strain that is interfering with naturally relaxed and clear vision.

Improve your eyesight naturally with Natural Vision Improvement.

Natural Vision Improvement

Natural Vision Improvement is an educational approach to helping you improve your eyesight…

The Bates Method

Natural Vision Improvement was pioneered and developed by ophthalmologist William H. Bates…

Natural Vision Coaching

As a Natural Vision Coach, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, I take an integrative approach…

“Perfect sight comes easily, without any effort or strain, while, imperfect sight is always produced by a strain or an effort to see”.

– William H. Bates, M.D.

Carl Vigilante

Certified Natural Vision Coach